Review of INR Seminar, “Understanding Depression and Bipolar Disorder”

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understanding-depressionRecently, I attended a continuing-education online seminar (Webinar) and was asked to write a blog post about my experience. The seminar’s title was “Understanding Depression and Bipolar Disorder.” The seminar’s sponsor was INR (Institute for Natural Resources). The presenter was Dr. David Longo (Ph.D.). The Webinar was six hours long. There were two breaks and time for lunch.

If you are a health-care professions (registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, pharmacist, registered dietitian, psychologist, social worker occupational therapist, physical therapist, case manager, nursing home administrator, counselor, or care-giver), this course is for you.

My first impression of the Webinar is that it was very well organized. My Webinar code worked correctly the first time. It appeared that no one else taking the Webinar had any technical issues. The Webinar platform was very simple and easy to understand. Dr. Longo, the presenter, had a pleasant voice and spoke at the right pace — not too fast and not too slowly. Dr. Longo kept my interest. He relied on case studies and his extensive knowledge.
The first hour examined the Three Brains of humans: The Brain Stem (Archaic Brain); Limbic System (Old Brain); and the Cerebral Cortex (New Brain). Dr. Longo discussed, in-depth, how changes in brain chemistry and structure occur in depression and bipolar disorder. Then, he covered how stress becomes a pathway for the development of major depressive disorders.

Dr. Longo discussed the new DSM-V (Diagnostic Statistics Manual, Version Five) criteria for the diagnosis of major depressive disorders and bipolar disorder.

I work in the marine industry, and I learned a fascinating fact: marine engineers have, by occupation, the highest suicide rates. Next in line are physicians and dentists.

Dr. Longo mentioned that there are many significant changes in the new Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. I was pleased to have an instructor who showed a working knowledge of such mental disorders.

The afternoon session focused on drugs used in the treatment of bipolar disorder, cyclothymia, and other disorders. Dr. Longo had experience with these medications and covered them thoroughly. He also focused on various forms of psychotherapy used to treat depression.

Overall, the Webinar provided superb information. Dr, Longo and INR did a superb job. I look forward to being part of future INR programs.